Mathew Olson is a graduate of Reed College—the school being a generally nice place to read books, drink coffee, and spend a lot of time underground in a computer lab either writing papers or making goofy photoshops.

Mat has cultivated skills in audio/video production, graphic design, and print layout. He is the co-host of the podcasts Can You Get To That? and Twin Peaks Peeks. He is also the creator of Go To Bed with Mat Olson, a late night talk show. In 2014, Mat was an editor and the layout designer for that year's Reed Student Body Handbook. A digital sample of that work can be seen here.

Mat's formal studies include economics, statistics, public policy, literature, environmental politics, familial histories, computing theory, and personal essay writing. Mat is the 2015 recipient of the Gerald M. Meier Award for Distinction in Economics. Other pursuits outside of the classroom include screenprinting, calligraphy, event planning, and improvisational theatre.

Mat knows that both his first and last name are easy to misspell. It just happens.